With apologies to Nick, and his lack of balance

They danced and danced until they were all generally just jumping into each other in, what appeared to be, a small moshpit. Everyone was getting thrown about and when it started to clear, it seemed Nick had came out the worst. He was back on the floor nursing numerous wounds and was half sitting, half laying in a small pool of blood.

The band finished playing and started to pack up their instruments. The crowd that had been amassing went to the bar to refill.

Well, everyone 'cept Nick, who mumbled for someone to get him a cosmo. The pansy.

Sly got himself the house ale and decided to get Nick's cosmo and a straw.

"There we go, mate." He gave Nick the straw and Nick started to drink it like it was the elixir of life.

Kellan and McKenzie both got a glass of whiskey and began to argue about where the best whiskey comes from.

"I'm telling you, Scotland know their malts, my man!"

"Whatever. Just give me some sweet Jack any day!"

Rose, Ana and Bella all decided to get the most colourful high percentage spirit they could see.

"Oooh, Aftershock, we could have the blue one, then the red one, then the green on!"

"Noooo! That'd be disgusting! It has to be the red one last!"

Gemma asked McKenzie to buy her another Pimms, but he was still busy arguing about whiskey, and now, for some reason, marmalade. So she ordered herself one and realised it isn't that hard buying yourself a drink every now and then. She even bought one for Archi, who was watching hopefully.

Rich ordered a Guinness and spent the next five minutes in silence, watching the darkness swirl around with the foam.

Bucknuck bought a bud and burped out Mr. Sandman, gaining a captivated audience of Kellan, McKenzie and Sly, who was nearly in tears of joy by the end of the tune.

Joe tried burping out a tune but had to throw up in the corner. Marc shook his head and ordered a rum & coke, and a plain coke.

"Yeah, Joe. I got two rum and cokes, don't worry."

He then added to himself, quietly.

"Darn, which one's got the rum?" And he started sniffing the two drinks.

Kevin saw this and suppressed a laugh. He then went to the vacant stage and picked up the acoustic. He started playing some Beatles numbers, but was obviously quite lashed so he kept forgetting the words.

"In Penny Lane, there is a barber selling motor cars, to all the people that were green and blue, he'd even try and sell to you, in the pouring rain..."

Then all of the sudden, Nick stood up. His drink must have really been the elixir of life.

"You guys... y-y-you guys.... you're all nuts!" He managed. Then collapsed again.

The End

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