Let's Dance!

The Mist sighed, a puff of condensation curling from his mouth. No one was paying attention to him anymore. Just a guy in the rafters who formed himself out of the air, no biggy. He looked around. Getting down might be a problem.

There was a flicker in the air, everyone shifted three inches to the left, and the scene changed again. This time the rustic old-timey walls shed their wood and became black plastic mirrors. The floor twitched and started flashing to the music of the electronica band blaring on the stage.

The people screamed, stampeded to the dance floor. Sly moaned in his blue polyester suit.

McKenzie electric-slid with Rose and AnastasiaJ, tipping his fedora, winking, and mock Moon-walking. The girls giggled and joined in, swaying and clapping.

"Hello?" Mist called from above. "Anybody?" but his voice was drowned out in the rising of the beat.

The song crescendoed, building into a roar.




Thrilla Night!"

The Protagonizers swung into a circle, cleared in the middle. The crowd screamed as RockLobster entered the ring. She popped. Locked. Spun. Robot!

When she ducked back into the throng, the crowd convulsed, sending Nick into the center.

"Let me hold ya tight...

Get up!

Get up! Toniiiiight!"

He groaned, staggering a bit. Something in his eyes flashed. His spine straightened with a crack and his arms shot flush out to his sides.

Archi bounced up, trying to see over the people.

"That's better!" Nick cried. "Let's DANCE!"

The End

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