Appletini in the Moonlight

The patrons gasped as one, for effect. A cymbal crashed.

"Heeeavy," Archi muttered into Nick's green ear.

"Urgh," he agreed.

The moonlit man [when did it suddenly become dusk, anyway?] grinned through his frizzy beard, nodded at the reconstituted band. "Play a little tune for me, boys."

"Oh, Mr. Sandmaaaan

Bring Me a Dreeeam.

Bud dump a dum."

Sly shrugged, back in his suit again. "What'll you have?"

"Appletini, my good man," he lowered himself elegantly onto a bar stool.

McKenzie and Bucknunk, who have, of recently, become good drinking buddies, mutter to themselves. McKenzie turns to the bearded man. "Haven't I seen you before?" he asked, hopefully.

He blinked. "No."

"You know, I'm kinda upset it didn't work," Archi, on the other side of the room, points out.


"I mean, that book's got everything in it, 's not fair the resurrection spell didn't work," she batted her huge, badly made-up eyes. "You wouldn't believe the stuff about hedgehogs in there, Nick."

A line of rusty blood dribbled out of his ear. "Er."

She grinned, proud. "Seriously! They're the ones that make all those crop circles, ya know. I read about it. 'S true." Archi fiddled with the rubber band string on her bow and arrow, a dreamy look on her face. "If I die I'd wanna come back as a hedgehog. A yellow one."

"Argh," Nick points out.

"Oh, but you're not dead! You're just living impaired. Don't be sad, happens all the time, 'round here."

The End

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