The Fella Feller Falls

'I don't like her,' Anastasia whispered to Rose, throwing a resentful glance in the direction of Bella.

'I know,' Rose agreed, as Sly smiled blearily at Bella and said, 'I like you.'

Suddenly, Bella's striking features began to change rapidly. Her nose grew, her skin wrinkled, and her hands started to deform. In a second she had been replaced by an old hag.

'That's better,' Anastasia smiled in satisfaction.

'Damn!' Bella grumbled, examining herself in the mirror behind the bar. 'Why do people keep doing that to me? Just jealous...'

Suddenly, Joe, Kevichella and Sly came out of their trances. Kevichella ran a shaking hand across his forehead and weakly ordered another drink. Joe began to mumble from where he was trapped in the door.

'Oh dear,' Rose sighed, getting up from her stool and setting Joe free.

'Don't let him out!' everyone cried out, but it was too late. Joe was running and jumping around the room. Before knocking over a stool, he accidentally collided with Nick, who slid down the bar and onto the floor where he lay twitching.

'Urgh, urgh,' he moaned.

'Oh, someone pick him up,' Anastasia sighed.

But before anyone could step forward to help him out, the room was plunged into darkness, and the band in the corner (who was apparently still there) began to play the Exorcist theme tune.

'Wha-' Sly began, but was interrupted by the door crashing open, and a moonlit, hooded figure stood in the doorway...

The End

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