Rumble in the Protagonizing Jungle

Blissfully unaware of this new-found, continent spanning romance,  Kevichella was staring up at the rafters, chatting with someone who he was sure called himself "The Must". Cool name, very dramatic..  he thought as he replied to the vertically superior Mist,  "No, i destroyed him... Kevichella 8.... Kevichella 0... i even 7 balled him..."

It was at this point that he bungled accidentally into Joe, knocking him back into the closet. Eloosive, swift as a greased cat, was on the door, pushing with all his might in a strangely inverse version of tug of war with his sidekick/mortal enemy. Kevichella was deciding who to help when he caught sight of Bella and all the air was knocked out of his lungs like he had been punched in the gut.

He doubled over, thinking 'jesus, i've never....*gasp* felt like this before...*wheeze* from seeing a girl...' when she hit him again, this time in the face.

"Oh.. i see..." he finished, before toppling over sideways onto now canvassed floor of the pub. Suddenly lights were flashing and Sly, now in a referee's shirt (Kevichella remembers thinking hazily 'blimey, he does get about, that lad') started the count for what seemed the final time.

"One-ahhhh! Two-ahhh! Three-yaahh!..."

Kevichella opened his eyes to find a blurred world, and could hear the rest of the locals in the pub screaming "bloody hell... i've gone blind!" and "how strong IS this beer?!" and even Sly was having trouble seeing through the blurry vision, proclaiming "Four... is... are you up yet, mate? I can't see a bloody thing!"

He was. the pub returned to it's crystal clarity and he danced on the spot in a boxer styleee, throwing out fists like small meaty lightning bolts. Meanwhile, Bella "The Fella Feller" Pleasance was in her corner, propped on her stool, sipping her wine and winking at Joe (who was only not trapped back in the closet because his head was wedged in the gap of the door).

"Right let's finish this," Kevichella roared/coughed... he was never much good at roaring. He watched Bella, sigh and and raise from her stool, wine still in hand, and before he could even comprehend what was happening, she had used her superior power of imagination to change the scene and the mood away from a fight into one of chilled happiness, not before getting imagining her then-opponent performing a horrifyingly powerful low blow to himself.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh.....huh.. ooo... hey there, what's your name?" Kevichella went through the transition rather well, considering.

"Call me Bella,"she sweetly replied, sipping her wine.

"I like you," he said to her, misinterpreting the feeling down below for love, and she smiled knowingly back at him.

The End

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