Tiny Revolver.

Sly laughed nervously. "This is kind of a ridiculous texas stand off isn't it. Nick can't even pull the trigger."

Nick grunted. "Ugh.." the weapon resting uneasily between his arms.

"The band's got calloused fingers so thick they can't fit them in the trigger guards." Sly continued.

"Dude... he's totally right." The lead guitarist said.

"Woaw... my hand is HUGE!" Said another musician.

Sly searched some more. "I can tell from here that Anastasia and Rose both only have flags in their barrels that say 'bang' on them."

Each of them pulled their triggers to prove this point, the small red cloth unfolding just after the dry click of the trigger.

"Kellan's got a water pistol..."

"Huh?" He said, squirting himself in the face. "Argh!" he yelled falling off the stool.

"... and McKenzie's got an old flint lock muscket pistol that has a better chance of blowing his own face off than doing any harm to me. And Archi's got a nerf bow and arrow."

McKenzie frowned, "Considering what just happened to Kellan I'll be sure to not test your words."

Archi looked at her weapon. "Hey these things can poke your eye out!"

"Kevichella's holding his hand out in the shape of a pistol, which won't do any good. The only guy in the room that has a working gun and can use it aside from my tiny revolver here is the french guy. Py nous'autre, on'ce colle en?"

Everyone in the room looked at Sly in confusion.

"What did he just say"
"Dude... my hand is HUGE"

*Bang!* Sly's tiny revolver erupted, a massive projectile flying from its miniscule barrel and colliding violently with the band member who last spoke. His body was pulverized by the huge ammunition, a pink mist being left in his place as the round continued out the building through the wall.

"That's right, I've got five more where that came from." He said, "Damn that hurt my wrist." He whispered.

The End

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