Gamblin' Bar Blues

At that moment, McKenzie's pipe went out and he had barely noticed before it was lit again.

"Uh... Thankyou."

"Not a problem." Smiled a young English lass.

"I'll have a Pimms and lemonade." She added.

The musicians found their voice and started playing some early blues numbers with Nick providing the vocals from his current potentially permanent position.

"Ugh, uhhh, uhhh." He sang in C#minor.

The rest of the current inhabitors in the pub had started a game of poker.

"I swear a flush beats a run!" Argued Anastasia.

"That's crazy talk." Retorted Sly. "This pot is mine, you've won the last two anyway."

"I dunno, Sly, I kinda remember a flush beating a run." Big Redhead said.

So, quick as a flash, Sly pulled out a tiny revolver from under the table.

"God damnit! I know what I'm talking about..."

Before he could finish the sentence, the rest of the players, and also McKenzie, the new young English lass and even the band, and even Nick, had all pulled out firearms of their own.

"Now this looks like one difficult situation." McKenzie said with an ice cool ready for any drink in the bar.

The End

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