Big Redhead gets a past and a future shock

There was a cold silence as Nick’s converses creaked ever so slightly on the wooden flooring and a pool of water began to gather around where he was stood. As he came further into the bleak artificial light, his grotesque face was cast into eerie shadows and the full extent of his wounds were plain to see.

“What the hell is going on?!” Big Redhead hoarsely cried out with a look of terror and confusion on her paper ashen face. “What happened to y-…” She swayed, then sat down numbly on the plastic chair and stared blankly at Nick for an explanation. She then turned her gaze over to the guy standing on Nick’s left, who had just stepped up adjacent to him. His pointed leather shoes echoed loudly on the hollow flooring. A grim expression was plastered on his stubbled complexion and clenched fists hung tensely at his sides. Big Redhead’s hazel eyes widened increasingly more and a shaking hand rose from her lap; her finger pointing disbelievingly towards him.

“You!” she whispered, breathing raggedly.

Once laughing and smiling, the women seated near Big Redhead now gave out gasps of horror and tones were laced with confusion and fear. Next to her, with cascading brown hair falling over her slight shoulders, sat AnastasiaJ who turned to Big Redhead and comfortingly rubbed her on the back.

“Don’t worry, Rose. We’ll sort it out.” She murmured and turned back to Nick, her piercing marble grey eyes demanding answers. Gasps and muttering continued to ensue between the women and one made a dash towards a nearby door which bore a metal woman symbol on it, her clopping stilettos adding to the uproar.

Meanwhile, Sly looked down at the gun he had grabbed from under the counter and groaned to find it’d been replaced with a Sony Ericcson K800i. Fat lot of good that was gonna do. He looked back up at Mackenzie who was also watching the scene unfold in the tacky wall length mirror that hung behind the sparkling bar. This wasn’t how he had planned it! He looked down once more at his attire and was mildly surprised to see an ill-fitted tux on him, and a bunch of keys hanging in the place where his holster had been.

“Nick, we thought you were dead.” AnastasiaJ began with a slight tremble.

“-Well well, what eye-sore have we got here then,” Mackenzie rumbled roughly and spun round to face the ghost that stood before them.

Huh, ironic! thought Sly. Nice touch.

The End

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