In They Walked

MacKenzie was about to press on with the questioning, when he noticed the eyes of one of the lovelies at the table, the Big Redhead, open wide and the colour in her face turn dead white.  Immediately every eye in the pub looked toward the door.  Sly's hand reached under the bar for the shotgun he kept stowed there. Kellen froze in mid-word. MacKenzie thought it best not to turn, but instead looked into the mirror behind the bar for some clue to what was coming down.

Out of the blast of bright light that the open door let in, two figures appeared.  As the door settled back, MacKenzie's eyes began to come to grips with the shock before him.  One figure was the walking corpse of Nick Bouton, dripping wet, skin tallow white, eyes sunk deep, hollow and black.  He looked like hate.  Beside him stood the Frenchman, the Slasher of Quebec. 

And the pub began to darken for hell was coming near ...


The End

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