Killer Kellan

"Hold on a second old man" said Kellan as he shuffled his weight on the stool. "Barkeep! crown royal on the rocks, and don't you go trying to water it down"

"Are you "Killer' Kellan?" McKenzie asks.

Kellan took a hold of his glass, draining half of it's contents with one swig. 

"Ask to many questions old man and you will find out first hand soon enough"

Sly stands silently,  cleaning a glass, listening to the banter. McKenzie produces a badge from under his coat and holds it towards Kellan.

"Lieutenant  McKenzie, Scotland Yard"

"Lieu...uh, hey barkeep! another round for my friend here, Mr. Mckenzie, and give a round to the ladies at the end of the bar as well, on my tab"

"That's very kind of you sir, now could you tell me who the hell you are?" asked McKenzie.

"Yes, I am Kellan, but the name "Killer" has not co-existed with me for quite some time..."

"What about Nick Bouton? have anything to do with his recent death?"

"Nope, wasn't my hit. I helped with the plan of attack, but left the dirty work to someone else"



The End

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