And we're off!

Sly shook his head, "Wow I'm the bartender!" He added, looking over his brown cotton slacks that clung to a white buttoned shirt with suspenders. He looked ahead of him to see McKenzie slamming back another shot of whiskey sour, his fedora teetering at the crown of his head as he did so.

In the corner were the dames, giggling to something Mack and Sly had no knowledge of as Kellan stood in the shadows at the rear, remaining hidden from the prying eyes of the detective.

"So this is what it's like to be narrated." Sly asked to himself, looking around at the bar in it's third rendition.

"What are you talking about O'shea?" McKenzie asked, sliding his glass forward for another.

"Firstly, aren't you on duty? Shouldn't you remain sober or something? Secondly why do you call me O'Shea?" Sly asked, filling another glass with Southern comfort.

McKenzie peered over his shoulder, as if to make sure no one was paying attention to him. He then leaned forward, pulling Sly in with a hooked finger.

Sly came closer, putting his ear near McKenzie's mouth.

"I like to stay in character." McKenzie whispered. Nodding his head and winking as he sat back in his chair. "So you sure you haven't seen this Kellan fellow?" He asked again.

"Errm. No, sir haven't at all." Sly said, picking up another glass and wiping it clean. He peered over in to the corner where Kellan hid, nudging his head in the direction of the back door. "Not seen the likes of him for some time now." He said again, still trying to tell Kellan to find some way of remaining inconspicious. "You ever seen him?" Sly asked.

"O'Shea, come on. What do you think I am an amateur?" McKenzie pulled out the photo once more. "Didn't I already show you this?"

Sly took the photo from his hand and glanced at it. It was none other than Ryan Reynolds. Sly looked over to the darkness and peered at Kellan who looked nothing like the photograph. "Oh I see." He said to McKenzie. "Well then you're certainly on your way to a fine investigation I'm sure." Sly winked to Kellan who made his way to the bar and sat directly beside the Lieutenant.

"Now who are you young lad?" McKenzie asked, pulling a corn cob pipe from his jacket pocket.

The End

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