New Arrival

Sly leans over the counter and grabs a mug from underneath. He takes a corner of his shirt and rubs away the dust on the glass.

"Spit shine, mister?"

The skeleton, contorted across the counter with a cloth draped over one shoulder.

"Didn't think so..."

Sly releases a gob of spit into the bottom of the mug and began wiping with his shirt. With his parched lips beginning to chap from dehydration, he placed the mug underneath the tab and waited for the refreshing dark brown liquid to flow majestically into his awaiting chalace. But, the tab had run dry, sputtering only a few drops of foam.


Sly threw the mug across the room where it smashed against the wall, breaking over the upturned tables and chairs.

"Care for some whiskey?"

Sly looked over, and there stood the bartender, though not so bony as last time. There stood a plump, yet quite attractive german girl, standing with her long, blonde hair in braids, her traditional lederhosen, and wooden clogs.

"These fishnet stocking are real comfy, jah?"

"How about that whiskey?" Sly said.

Sly knew that she could only be conjured up by another person arriving.

"And one for my new friend too"

Kellan walked slowly, glancing around the bar at the mess.

The End

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