Waiting... waiting.... STILL WAITING!

Sly sat still, cobwebs having been spun by some shifty critter hung from his head to the wooden floor. He moved to look at his watch when dust fell from his arm. The hands were still, his watch having needed cranking for who knows how long. "Wow, this is exagerated." He commented, as crickets were heard in the background.

"Where the heck is everybody?"

Sly turned to the bartender, who's been reduced to a skeleton, looming at an angle over the bar.

"Wha? What happened? I haven't been here that long!" He exclaimed, standing in shock at the site of the ancient corpse. Dust rolled off his thighs and shoulders as he stood. He looked at the skeleton, all that remained was a pair of fishnet stalkings at its bony ankles. "Pfft, figures, hypocrit." He turned again to look at the room.

Wind blew in from the swinging doors, one of which had fallen off its hinge, it's weight barely held by the second. The room was covered in a thick layer of dust. The wooden chairs had been stripped of their varnish, some had collapsed from age. It's as if he had been sitting here for centuries, waiting for someone to come.

"Yeah... this place really needs revamping." He said, rustling the dust from his hair. "Well, I'm too lazy to do it myself. I guess I'll just sit here for another few centuries for someone to show up." He cocked his head to the side. "Hmm." He mused to himself and then quickly leaned over the counter and pulled the lever of the beer tap. The dark bronze liquid flowed freely from its opening, foaming on contact with the drain below. "Oh yeah! Still got beer!"

The End

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