The Well of Dawns

In the most ancient of days there were wells created all over the lands of Daes. These wells were designed by Sisters of Stone to aid in the proliferation of the Odem power, that dwell in the metals, unto the creatures that would be designed by the Brothers of Metal in the great Reglam Well. Each well has a connection to each of the Odem Power in turn, and passes that power into the genetics of those who live in or near it. The Well of Dawns in one of those wells; The Well of Gold -of Muwinn, t

At the beginning of most chronicles, there is a bit by the author about the unknown history so that more people may grasp the scale and depth of the information they are about to read. In this particular chronicle, the author was a dragonfly named Adronflur Mekonistdrakk III. Dragonflies are notorious for being obscure or under-referenced simply due to the fact that they believe that everyone should already know their history and it is not up to them to educate beyond the particulars of the tome at hand. This particular dragonfly had a knack for the verbose, and yet left out the parts that made it all make amount of sense. Countless hours have been spent by my brothers and myself in reworking this chronicle into a readable account of the fabulous well known as the Well of Dawns. There are some difficult terrains in this landscape of information, however. In some instances, there are references to "Fiaine" in the footnotes or in the margins. This is, after the 4th age (and we are obviously in the 11th age), nearly a non-existent reference to the Thornskin Fiaine; the great chroniclers of the history and ideas of the world. So, therefore, in those instances it must be assumed that if one wanted to know more they would simply go find a "Fiaine" and ask them to explain it(this predominantly relegated to issues regarding specific Odem lore and specialized forms of metalurgy and magic). Now that this is impossible to do, as there are no known members of the Lizards of the Astonflur Spring, we will interperate all we can from the scattered ledgers and lore from the ancient days when travel and trade were active in the Sundered Mount region of the Dragonback Mountains.

(more to come)

The End

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