the problem

In a shiny day Ahmed and his friend wonnted to have an exploring weekend in the was a little bit scary for them because they had to also take normal traveling beds with them  so they can rest, sleep  and to eat inside it . So Ahmed called his friends to pack their bags because they will be leaving after 30 minutes so they  better be ready or then the time will pass.Ahmed was ready for the adventure so he wonted to chech on his friends if their ready or not  so he called them and they all said we are ready so he went and picked them up.

They all went by their bikes there was Yazen,kavien and Ali they met in a really far place because they did not  wont any one to sea them.But Ali was afraid because he said "If we did have any food left we will have to hunt for food and if we did not  we will be staving for food "and that was the problem of travilling.It was time for thee dinner and they have to cook beans with rice so they lighted up there fire and stared the work.when they fished there food Yazen was stiil hungry so they gave him some cookies with warm milk. It was 10:59 witch was time for them to sleep so all of them placed there travelling bags were they wonted it to be,so they all started sleeping..... suddenly with a loud ROUURRRRR that Ahmed and his friends heard so they said "WE CANT STAY HERE WE WILL TRAVEL SOME WERE EALS " so they dafintly did while they were walking the saw a big lion so they  did not know what to do so the the firt pirson the pushed was Ali so the lion ate him so there was only Yazan and Ahmed Yazen triped and the lion ate him it was only Ahmed now but the lion did not eat him. Ahmed was afraid to live alone he went to the lion but the lion did not wont to eat him so he dicided to kill his selif to he jumped of the the hill and said " IM SORRY MOM AND DAD.

The End

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