The Man

There is a mysterious man in your neighborhood. He looks ancient and weird. Is it possible that he travels in time?

                                                      You walk outside into the humid climate known as your neighborhood. Mist hung everywhere as if the clouds didn't have the effort to rise into the air. You love it, this place is your hometown and you wouldn't want anything different. Grabbing your bike you begin to ride across the road despite only seeing two feet ahead of you. It is dangerous but you don't  care .

                                            While he was riding you find out that the previously empty house next door has a sold sign in the front . Looking more closely you find a man wearing a aluminum suit staring at you. Walking over to you he asks if you want to come inside and have a snack. He seems really weird and creepy.

  Go to one if you want to go in

Two if you decide not to

Three if you don't want to go in but you want to sneak into his house at night

The End

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