Your Song Is Ending

Many people will recognise that phrase from the TV show, Doctor Who. But I want to know what you would do. You've been told that you are going to die, that your song is ending soon.

Pretend that you have one day left on the Earth. What would you do on that day? Perhaps you'd spend it partying, doing all the things you never got a chance to do? Perhaps you'd cry, unable to bear the thought? Perhaps you'd go about your normal life, not listening to the doomsayers?

We would all react differently.

To tell everyone what you'd do - and please, don't feel obliged - follow this link:

Personally, I think I would spend the day with my friends and family: with all the people that matter most to me. I'd spend it making sure that no one would be left out of my 'will' (I'm not old enough to make one yet) after my death. And most of all, I'd pray. I'd need the comfort of the idea of an afterlife to help me through it.

I also think I'd try and make it worthwhile. I don't know in what way, because I'm not in that situation. But I think I would want to have made a different, in the end.

The End

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