The Person Who Keeps Me Sane

There are many people in this world. Some of them drive me crazy. Some of them keep me sane. I'd like to tell you about someone who does the latter.

Her name is Rebekah. Bekah, never Becky. She is fourteen years old - will be fifteen in May. I've known her since I was one year old.

I know her from church. We spend as much time as possible together, and tell each other everything. If I've got a problem at school, with my love life, or with depression or something, it will be Rebekah I go to. I was the first person she told when her boyfriend dumped her. In return, she was the first person I told when I was so depressed I wanted to die. She was the only person, actually.

Many of my friends have asked me if we're lesbians. I find that quite offensive. But I suppose it's a fair question. Bekah and I are like sisters. In fact, we've decided that she IS my little sister, despite the fact that I'm younger than her, and not related.

We've lived together for five days, once. She snores. :)

Without Bekah, I'd be a lot madder. Bear that in mind.

The End

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