The Things I Love

The things I love are often not the things that someone of my age is expected to love. People expect, because I am a teenager, and I wear hoodies, and I listen to my mp3 on the bus, that the main things in my life are the TV, my friends, and my Wii / X-Box / {insert games console of your choice}.

But it's not true. For one thing, my TV is broken and only gets four channels, and even before that I only watched it once a week. For another thing, I don't own a games console and think my TV would explode if I plugged one in. And finally, my friends? Well ... when I've got friends, then yes, they're pretty important to me.

But the things I love best aren't maybe what someone of another generation would expect of someone my age. And they are as follows:

  • Books. Without books, I'd go mad
  • My violin. Without that, I'd definitely flip.
  • My flute. See above.
  • My whistle. It's so small, but it means a lot. Though I could get another for just a couple of pounds, it wouldn't be the same.
  • My feather pen, the one that stands on my desk, although I hardly ever use it.
  • My dance shoes. Because without them, how could I dance?
  • My laptop. Slightly more normal, but I use it mostly for writing ...
  • My dreams. That's a bit more complicated. But I mean in the 'hope and dreams' category, not the sleeping category. Because without them I would have given up long ago.
  • And finally, my family and friends and God. These are no way in order, because I love these people - and God, who's not exactly a person - more than everything above.

So that's me. And maybe what I love is not exactly normal, but it IS what I love.

The End

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