I Was Blind (World Service) - Delirious

Every time I hear this song, I cry. I can't help it.

Perhaps it is because of the way that the lyrics tear at my hear. I know they are true for me, and so I can't help but feel the guilt that they confess.

"Your kindness: it brings me to my knees
Your kindness, it leads me to say sorry..."

The first time I heard this song I was standing at a bus stop. I wanted - more than anything, I wanted - to get down on my knees. To follow Martin Smith's lead and to say sorry. To tell God just what I was feeling.

But I could not. I was in a public place. The ground was filthy. So I stood there in the rain with the tears streaming down my cheeks, staring at the sunset that was in front of me, and that was my way of saying sorry.

This song means a lot to me. More than many of the songs that I frequently listen to. It is an old song, one that not many people have heard. You can find it on Youtube, though, because people have heard it and wanted to share it.

This song brings me to my knees. You may say that it seems that I cry easily. That's true. A lot of songs make me cry.

But on my notebook, it says, The soul would have no rainbows if the eyes had no tears.

And I'm sure that that is true.

The End

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