The Thoughts that Songs Carry

Cry of the Celts (Lord of the Dance) - Ronan Hardiman

This song starts with a bell. When I hear it, the image that comes to my mind is very different from the one displayed by the dance itself, but you cannot see the dancers when all you can hear is the soundtrack.

In my mind, the bell is a church bell. It is ringing because there is nobody left to stop it. The listener is standing int he centre of a village, and they are alone. All the doors are banging in the wind, because there is nobody left to close them.

They can see a cart, leaving the village: the only survivors of the dreadful battle that had happened here. Chained together inside the cart are men, women and children, crying in fear and mourning.

The listener hears the bell growing every more distant, and they are taken to another land, following the path of those taken as slaves ... to be oppressed until the day when they rise up, a glorious revolution, and become the people that they really are.

The End

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