The Wedding Chapter 3


I am so upset right now because I cannot attend the Teen Filmakers of America Festival in Utah.


Because I have to go to a wedding!

Mom does not understand the fact that if I want to be the next Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorcese,then it is CRUCIAL that I attend this festival.I want to be there to see my movie premiere in front of an audience.I can just imagine it.The audience drawn in by the story.Moved to tears by the brilliant film-making and acting,as well as the direction.As the end credits roll,they stand up and give an outstanding applause to my masterpiece.

The only clap I've gotten for a movie so far has been from my parents when they saw my first movie.

Which I made when I was,like,six.

And I also want to be there to accept the award I'm sure to win.One day I'm going to sweep the board and win all the most important awards in the film business:Golden Globes,Screen Actors Guild.

But the most prestigious of  them all:The Academy Award.

So I need to start winning.And if I don't show up to accept,then the judges and audience will not think I care enough.And then if those judges  judge my film work ever again.......then I'm screwed.

Because they will always remember me as "the boy who simply did not care."

I complained to Mom and Dad,but to no use.I bet Woody Allen's parents supported him and his movies.Even when he slept with his adopted step-daughter.

I can't believe I am missing the opportunity to attend my first film award just to attend Uncle Marty's wedding.I mean,I've only met the man like,once.I just simply don't care for him.

And I never will.

The End

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