The Wedding Chapter 2


My life seriously sucks right now.

It is so unfair that I am being dragged off to attend some boring wedding in America when I could be doing something useful with my time.

Like shopping.

I admit it:I am a shopaholic.I have a wonderful feeling of joy when the credit card passes through the machine and I am the owner of Christian Louboutin high heels/Chanel handbag/Juicy Couture t-shirt.I swear,I have the same feeling a mother does when she sees her baby for the first time when I see my future purchases for the first time.

Except,they're not babies,of course.

Recently my parents have been getting real moody about how much I'm spending on shopping,blah blah,etc etc,you get the point.Because we're rich,I am spoiled.Already I am planning my super sweet 16 party for next year.I am thinking fashion show/the Oscars/Moulin Rouge.

Pretty original.

But now they are threatening to cut off my allowence.Mummy actually said,"Darling,I love you.But you have no respect for a pound."

Of course I have respect for a pound!I show respect to pounds by actually using them for their worth when going shopping.NOT showing respect to a pound is not using it for purchasing and never using it,gaining an enemy in the process.

Wait a minute,did I just say a pound would be my enemy if I didn't use it?God,I have issues,seriously I do.Note to self:buy psychologist to talk to about my personal problems.

Anyway,back to the whole point about the wedding.I CAN'T go.Bridgette Clarissa Francesca Sienna Holton does NOT go to tacky social events with Uncle Marty in them.Trust me,he is the worst relative you could get landed with.

He actually belches.In public.

And thinks it's funny!

I am a British teen who can get really pissed off if nobody uses manners.

I guess it's just a British thing about manners.

I cannot believe that I am going to America on the same day that I  am to go to an exclusive social event with the likes of Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn attending.

Life sucks for moi!

The End

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