Angel WingsMature

“Always, dear.” She said rolling her eyes a little as she got out two pans placing them on the stove. They heated up quickly and she began to ladle out the pancake batter into one pan. She put a few pieces of bacon into the other pan and handed Cariel a spatula. “Here you do the pancakes I’ll do the bacon.” she said and stuck her tongue out at him.

“What I don’t wanna get burned.” he said as he flipped over the first pancake, she snorted as the bacon began to sizzle and pop a little. Oil droplets hitting her skin like little pins as she flipped the bacon then added a few more pieces.

“And I do?” She asked raising an eyebrow as she got a plate, covering it with paper towel then put the finished bacon strips onto it. She sighed then finsihed up with her task and got two plates taking them to the table and she began to set up for dinner. Cariel finished not long after and they sat down for a quite meal.

As they finished up Cariel pulled out a small box it was marked with a “K”. He smiled at Ryn a little nervously. “I was going to wait to give this to you but… I changed my mind, this is for you.” He said softly as he opened the box, inside was a pearl necklace with an angel charm dangling in the center. It sparkled a mix of pearl and diamonds it looked angelic. “Here let me help you put it on baby.” He said as he got behind her, she held up her hair as Cariel slipped the necklace around her throat.

“Gosh…It’s gorgeous, I don’t know what to say. Thank you…” Ryn said as she stroked the gems softly. She got up then kissed Cariel softly their lips molding against each other’s.


The End

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