Snow FallMature

“Ok, well thanks for seeing us even though we were late Cass, we really appreciate it.” Ryn said before hugging the older woman, Cariel waved a little before he started for the door and Ryn followed. She grabbed his hand then walked with him to the car, it was covered by a thin layer of snow.

“Hey you drive.” she said tossing him the keys as she slid into the passenger’s side. He rolled his eyes then climbed in with her. The drive home was a quiet one, Ryn stared out the window and hummed quietly to herself while Cariel was lost in quiet contemplation. By the time they pulled up to their apartment the snow was falling heavier.  It was a frigid blanket.

They climbed out of their car then went into the house, leaving a trail through the snow. Ryn shivered tossing her coat onto the couch and she went over to the thermostat amping it up to 85 degrees then she headed to the bathroom. Running water could be heard as she washed her hands.

“Hey babe, what do you want for dinner?” she called as she finished up then went into the kitchen. He didn’t answer her, she shrugged then began to rummage through the fridge looking for something quick. “Screw it, we’re having pancakes, if he doesn’t like it he can cook his own food.”  She muttered under her breath as she got out milk, eggs, and a pack of bacon.

She had just started to mix the pancake batter when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her waist pulling her against Cariel’s hard body. “Rawr…” he whispered softly into her ear before kissing along her neck. “Miss me?” he asked as he held her, she smiled and continued mixing.

The End

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