Spray Paint?Mature

“Alright darlin. I’ll get your order ready and if there’s anything else I’d be happy to do it for yah.” Cassandra said as she walked to her desk and began to fill out a pink order sheet. “So you have your centerpiece, now you just need your bouquet. Do you want to use the Lisianthus? Or something else?” she continued looking up at the couple, she smiled watching them as they gazed at each other. It was clear to see that they were in love.

“Huh, oh black and purple roses.” Ryn said as she turned in Cariel's arms and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling her body closer against his and she nuzzled his cheek gently. He smiled and hugged her tight, his arms around her waist and he looked longingly into her eyes. Cassandra laughed and raised an eyebrow.

“I can’t do black unless their spray painted. But I could do dark red with purple if you wanted. The red will seem almost black.” Cassandra said as she sat in her seat at the front desk, she gestured at them to come over to her spot and they obliged her.

“That’ll be fine, won't it Ryn?” Cariel asked as he slid his hand into hers and squeezed gently, Ryn squeezed back and smiled at him.

“Sure, that’ll do.” She replied as she swung their entwined fingers back and forth and leaned her body against his.

“Alright, I’ll add that to today's order and we should be done. We can talk more about payment options in a week or two. I have another couple coming in soon.” Cassandra said softly as she glanced at the clock by the door it was almost five o-clock. Ryn and Cariel had been over and hour looking at the flowers.

The End

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