“Oh… Umm well what else do yah have?” Ryn asked her lips turned down at the corners as she pouted and began looking at other arrangements, she was turning to look at a bunch of lavender roses when Cariel pulled her towards a glass full of purple and white flowers, they looked like carnations.

“What do you think of these babe? They’re your favorite color and really pretty. I like em.” Cariel murmured against her ear as he slid behind her and wrapped his arms around her body holding her close against him. She smiled and turned a little and kissed him softly, he kissed her back then turned to Cassandra. “So how much are these and I guess what are they?” he asked as he rubbed Ryn’s stomach absently, smiling as she leaned against him.

“Oh those, they're called Lisianthus. Their one of my favorites and for $280 you can get twenty bunches of them, so you’ll get between one hundred forty and two-hundred flowers. It’s a pretty good deal for such a pretty flower.” Cassandra said as she came to stand beside Ryn, she looked the arrangement up and down then walked away and fumbled behind her desk for a bit then brought out some purple ribbon which she wrapped around the neck of the glass of Lisianthus. It somehow made them even more beautiful.

“We’ll take twenty bunches, we need them ready in five months. I know its early but this needs to go off without a hitch.” Ryn said as she beamed up at Cassandra, her smile lighting up her entire face.

The End

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