Think SimpleMature

There were rose bouquets and baskets of tulips and daisies. And in the center was a sapling, it was adorned with orchids, roses, and strings of glistening crystals. When Ryn saw it her eyes lit up. “I want it, I want it, I want it!” She said enthusiastically as she pulled on Cariel’s coat sleeve like a kid wanting something from a candy store and pointed to the giant centerpiece.

“What don’t you want? Besides I thought we were going for something simple, that's definitely not simple.” he said shaking his head and he gently disentangled himself from her. He kissed her cheek softly his lips barely brushing against her skin. “Think simple.” he said ignoring her pouting lips as he walked away, looking through the rest of the shop.

Ryn stuck her tongue out at his retreating figure then crossed her hands over her chest. She really wanted the sapling, it was perfect. It would play in nicely with the rest of her faery theme. “Cass, how much would ten of them be. I just need an estimate.” she said, absently twirling a lock of hair through her fingers, she sent up a quick prayer hoping it was in their budget.

“Hmm… Well they're all done by hand, and take about two hours apiece. I’m going to say probably  $2,000 all together sweetheart. They look simple enough but their not.” Cassandra said nonchalantly as she rocked on her heels and slid her hands into her pockets. She didn’t see Ryn’s face drop in disappointment or her shoulders droop a little as she looked at the sapling wistfully

The End

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