Cassandra's FlowersMature

“So were getting the roses right?” Ryn asked absently not really speaking to Cariel as she drove, her eyes seemingly focused on the road. Cariel snorted, he knew this trick well she would ask something when he was off guard but this time he wasn’t. He leaned his head back against the cool leather of his seat and closed his eyes.

“You know I don’t want roses… I’ll be good with anything but roses.” he murmured as he made himself comfortable the seat warmer beginning to warm him up.

“But I want roses” she said as she turned onto their street, it hadn’t taken them long to get there but they were still a good ten minutes late. “Cassandra is going to flay us alive I hope you know that.” she joked lightly as she climbed out of their car. Cariel got out after her and waited for her to join him on the sidewalk. He grabbed her hand lacing their fingers together and they walked into the building, a bell rang above the door signaling their arrival.

“There you are!” exclaimed a tall fair woman, she was a little stocky her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail. Cassandra walked towards the couple fire dancing in her blue eyes. “What happened to not being late yah idjits.” the woman laughed then embraced them both before leading them to a table that was covered in floral arrangements.

The End

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