“Alright, I’ll see you in a bit baby.” she said as she leaned over to kiss him. He smiled then climbed out and she drove off, heading to Starbucks to finish waiting for him. Once at Starbucks she ordered a large caramel macchiato then set up shop. She began to write and became so engrossed in it she didn't notice the time flying by. She didn’t have her phone and it was only after Cariel had sent her a few text and finally called Skype did she realize it was already three.

Ryn raced out of the coffee shop nearly doing a face plant as she slipped in the snow. She growled throwing her things into the car then she headed to pick Cariel up. He was waiting for her with his arms crossed over his chest, he looked annoyed.

“And you talked about me being late? Really?” he said as he climbed into the car, he was shivering and his hair was damp. She rolled her eyes and snorted then took off away from his job and to the florist.

Soon they were racing down the busy streets of York Pa heading to a little shop called Foster’s Flowers. They’d been to three other florist locally but this quaint little place is where they wanted to get their flowers, if only they could agree on the type.

The End

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