Stay With MeMature

“Sure?” she said and shrugged before she got up and stretched. “You ready?” she asked as she finished up her bagel. He nodded and got up stretching a bit then hugging her, she smiled then stuffed her computer into its case and swung it over her slender shoulder.

As their quick meal came to an end Ryn picked up the car keys and raised an eyebrow. “Are you driving or am I?” she asked as she opened the door of their little apartment a soft winter wind blew through and she shivered. Cariel shook his head in exasperation then grabbed both of their coats, he threw hers at her she stuck her tongue out.

“You drive” he said as he slid the coat over his arms. Ryn waited for him and pulled her coat on as he walked towards the door turning lights off as he went. As he reached the door he leaned in and kissed her and reached down to grab and pinch her butt before he walked out of the house closing the door behind him. She blushed then followed after him, she unlocked the car doors then slid into the driver’s seat.

She revved the engine then took off down the snow covered streets of York, not too many people were on the road and she was thankful for that. She turned on the radio and began to sing softly under her breath as “Stay With Me.” played softly. She pulled up to Cariel’s job idling for a second.

The End

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