“Foods in there, just heat it up.”she said lazily as she kissed along his neck giggling as he jerked up a little. “Relax.. I’m not gonna bite.. Much.” she said with a laugh as she started to get dressed. He grinned then put his cock back into his pants then hurried to the kitchen and heated up the food.

“Oh my god you're an angel…” he said as she chomped down on a piece of bacon, she laughed then sat back down on the couch and shrugged.

“If you say so, and get me a bagel, please.” she said nonchalantly then reached for the tv remote and she flicked through random stations before settling on the “Davinci Code” which was playing. “Are you gonna change before you go back to work?” she asked as she curled up onto the couch wrapping herself up in a blanket. He raised an eyebrow and shook his head as he stuffed more food into his face.

“Nah.” he said before getting a glass of milk and he downed it quickly before grabbing a cinnamon toast bagel and heating it up before he went to cuddle up with her on the couch.

“You smell like sex.”she said

“Well I did just fuck my girl didn’t I?” he asked.

“Mm… Mhm and you do it so well.” she almost purred at him.

He grinned then handed her the bagel and nuzzled against her. He rubbed up and down her legs then her thighs caressing them.

“So do you just wanna go with me to work and just work on your writing?” he asked softly as he began to nibble on her ear she giggled and batted him away playfully.

The End

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