Feed Me?Mature

She screamed louder and louder as he fucked her, her pussy clenching his cock tightly as it slid in. It made slick wet sounds as it pushed in and out the sounds echoing in the room. She blushed and bit her lip as she began to ram herself back on his cock and he began to spank her ass and breast hard. He bit down her back then grabbed her hips and forced her harder against him making her scream and moan with pleasure, he felt her pussy tighten as she reached her climax. This only made him go harder, fucking her like a wild animal. He made her cum four more times before he got near his climax, he pushed his cock in a far as it could go before he blew his load inside of her, painting her walls white with his cum.  

Ryn panted softly and wiped away the sweat from her brow and she fell onto the couch her legs shaking as she did. “Mmm… Fuck…” she said dreamily and closed her eyes, it didn't take long before something hard was smacking her face then her slightly parted lips. She smiled shyly before she opened her mouth allowing his cock to slip between her soft lips. He moaned and began to thrust his cock into her mouth and she began to suck on his cock earnestly now. He moaned in pleasure then pulled away and leaned down to kiss her deeply.

“Feed me?” he asked against her lips as he pulled her up so that she was standing and he held her in his arms. She smiled and nuzzled him, then pointed to the fridge.

The End

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