“Do you want me?” he asked as he fingered her slower and deeper teasing her. She nodded and he smiled as he pulled her dress over her head in one swift move. Then he proceeded to kiss down her chest and he licked her nipples through her bra before he bit it and sucked on it. She bit her lip and moaned pulling him close and he pushed his fingers back inside of her.

He yanked off her panties dropping them to the floor then he unhooked her bra leaving her naked in front of him. She blushed attempting to cover her body with her hands and she looked at him nervously. “Stop hiding from me.” he said firmly as he pulled her arms away and he looked at her body hungrily, she could see his cock growing harder in his pants. She blushed a lot and fought to keep her hands at her sides as she watched him, blushing as she felt her juices flow down her legs knowing he could see it.

“Mmm… Already wet for me? Good, I can’t wait to fuck you.” He began to unbutton his pants and he pulled out his thick hard cock. Ryn licked her lips and moaned a little as she reached down to touch herself. Cariel stroked his thick dick then turned her around and bent her body over the sofa and rammed his cock into her. She screamed feeling it penetrate deep inside of her and she moaned for him as her breast jiggled as he thrust into her wet pussy. Her ass bounced against his thighs as he pushed himself deeper inside of her showing no mercy as he pushed inside of her tight cunt stretching out her walls as he went in deeper.

The End

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