What Do You WantMature

He slammed the door then strode over to her closing the distance quickly then he grabbed her arm forcing her body up and he kissed her roughly, smashing his lips upon hers and he crushed her body against his as she wrapped her arms around him. He ran his fingers down her sides and squeezed making her gasp. He grinned and slid a finger into her open mouth he slid it back and forth and she sucked on it firmly and looked into his eyes.

“What do you want to do that to my cock?” He asked her as he pushed his finger deeper into her mouth and with his free hand he shimmied her dress up past her thighs. He rubbed her with cold hands making her shiver and she squirmed trying to pull away from him but he held her firmly. He leaned down and bit her neck hard making her moan loudly, she closed her eyes as he slid his fingers between her legs and began to rub her clit in a slow circular pattern.

She moaned in his ear and spread her legs widely, her juices beginning to drip down her legs as she did. She blushed and gasped feeling two of his fingers pushing their way inside of her and she rubbed her body against his hard moaning his name softly.

The End

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