Bringing Home The BaconMature

Ryn smiled a little shyly as she read his last message then went back to typing away at her computer, she rubbed her thighs together. She stifled a tiny moan as she thought of Cariel's hands feeling along her body. It was getting harder to concentrate, she wanted to touch herself but she knew Cariel was going to be home soon.  The waiting was almost unbearable, she could feel herself getting wetter and the heat between her legs grew. The aching in her pussy was tantalizing, she needed to feel Cariel’s dick inside of her. It was the only thing that would satisfy her desire.

She looked at the time then went to the kitchen, he’d be home soon and she wanted to at least have a little food ready for him. She pulled out some applewood bacon, cheese , bread, and some honey ham. She lit the stove then began to fry the bacon cursing as it popped against her skin and she grumbled a little as she put the finished product onto a plate. Then she began to butter up the bread and started to make four grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. She placed it in the fridge then washed the dishes and put them away before going back to her computer.

Ryn was typing away on her computer when she heard the key slide into the lock and she turned towards the door eagerly. Her eyes were bright with lust and she was almost bouncing out of her seat with anticipation. The door swung open and Cariel walked in and shook off a light dusting of snow, he wiped it out of his hair then his eyes locked on hers.

The End

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