I love you Ryn! <3

Your the best

Ryn smiled as she typed out a quick reply, her phone making a whistling noise as confirmation.


I love you too baby

No your the best!

lol were not doing this.

but but but, its fun…

so is fucking you.


you know thats not what i meant.

maybe, but thats what i want

whats wrong baby?

N-Nothing at all.

Nothing doesnt exist remember?

Bite me…


She blushed then turned to her “Monster” playlist and smiled as “Talk Dirty To Me” blared from the phones back speaker. She pushed her phone away and started in on her writing. Losing herself in Zamora and the music. It was about an hour before she stopped for a coffee break she brewed a pot then brought it to her little computer then began to write again, now thoroughly in the zone.

Ryn sighed then pushed her glasses higher up onto her face and began typing, she’d been typing for about four hours before her phone made a rapid buzzing sound making her look at its screen, it was another message or rather three.


Babe, this mornin was fun… I want more of u though.

I wanna fuck my cumslut…

Im goin to creampie u when I see u.

Ryn blushed as she read the messages from Cariel and she could feel her body starting to ache for him. She smiled a little then began to text him back.

Mmm… Cariel ur making me wet thinking about u.

Good I want u soaking wet for me

Im coming home for lunhc, be ready for me

im goin to ravage u

I’ll be ready and waiting baby. Do you want my clothes on or off?


I want to rip them off myself

The End

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