I'm Not OkMature

“Hey baby, aren't you at work?” she asked as she walked back into the living room and she sat back down. She was trying not to sniffle as she talked to him. “You’re getting off early today? Right duh, I forgot.” she said as they talked. “Crying? N-No.. I’m not..” she continued with a sniff as another tear fell. “Ok, ok fine I’ll tell you. My deadline is our wedding day. I don’t think I can get it done in time… I’m gonna be a failure.” she said into the phone, she heard him sigh then he launched into a speech about how she wasn't a failure.

“You have to go? Alright. I love you too, see yah later babe. I guess I’ll text you.” she said smiling as she turned towards her computer, she stared at the lines of text that made up her novel. It was mostly finished, she’d gotten her faery tale world Zamora fleshed out and made it a living thriving world but now she needed to finish it.

Her phone made a soft buzzing sound a few minutes later making her look at its screen, a picture of herself and Cariel stared back and above that was a message from Cariel.

The End

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