“Baby cum for me!” He said as he fucked her and clawed his hands down her back and ass. She kissed him deeply and yanked on his long black hair pulling his head back as she kissed him and she moaned into his mouth as she came hard on his cock covering it in her juices he thrust up pulling her roughly down on him and forcing his cock as deep as it could go as he came into her wanting pussy. They both panted softly leaning against each other than Ryn pulled back laying her forehead against his and she smiled at him.

“That was fantastic..” she murmured softly and she hugged him tightly then yelped as the warm water changed to icy pricks on her bare back and she jumped off of him moaning softly as his cock slipped out of her. She grabbed her washcloth then began to scrub furiously now in a hurry to escape the cold. Cariel laughed doing the same and they exited the shower together, both shivering as they walked into their bedroom. Their little quickie hadn’t taken too much time away from them, Ryn dried off and pulled on a lace push-up bra before pulling a black sweater dress over her head it hugged her curves like a second skin, she wore a pair of black ballet flats. Cariel opted for dark jeans, a button down shirt, and a pair of Timbs.

The End

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