Steam assaulted his senses as he walked into the room, wrapping him in its warm embrace. Ryn already had the room how she liked it. She was slightly bent over, red hair hung down plastering itself to her wet skin. Her leg was resting on a tiny bench, water was dripping down her body as she lathered herself up. Her body was covered in bubbles her dark skin looking luminescent in the dim light. He stared at her for a moment as her hands roamed over her soapy body. Her hands slipped over her thighs then slipped between her legs making her moan softly before her hands slid farther up. She cupped and squeezed her breast making her moan a little louder as her nipples hardened. He bit his lip as he felt the blood rushing back to his cock as he watched her touching herself.

She didn’t see him yet, her eyes were closed as she tugged and squeezed her large breast. She rubbed and pinched her hardening nipples with one hand while the other slipped down to rub her sensitive clit. She was still so horny, she needed to feel her lovers cock inside of her. She leaned against the shower wall a little and spread her legs, giving Cariel a better view as he began to stroke his cock as he watched her. He was enjoying the show she was giving him, he wanted to take her right there. He wanted her body pressed against the wall her legs spread and her lips curving as she moaned his name.

The End

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