“ Mmmm ...so yummy… I love breakfast in bed,” Cariel murmured softly as he licked his lips clean of her cum, he smiled at his fiancé as he kissed up her stomach working his way up to her breast. He wrapped his lips around one of her hard nipples and sucked on it watching her face as she moaned in pleasure, then kissed up to her soft lips. Ryn pressed her forehead against his panting softly as she wrapped her arms around him and held him tight, she pressed her lips against his softly and kissed him.

“Shushy.” She said quietly as she cuddled against him, his warm body pressed tightly against hers. “Well that was a fun way to start the day.” She said as she blushed and licked his lips lightly tasting her cum on his lips. She slowly traced his lips with her tongue then she sucked on them.

“Fuck me…” Ryn whispered, softly and he stiffened as she said those two little words, pushing one of his many buttons. She slid a hand down the center of his back then started to pull his boxers down slowly. She trailed her lips down his neck kissing and biting him gently as she slid her hand down his boxers. She grabbed his thick black cock in her warm hand, he bit his lip and tried not to moan as she began to stroke his cock slowly then faster making his body twitch as she made him harder.

The End

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