Cariel looked up at her as her back arched as his tongue ran over her sensitive clit. He pulled her hips forward and impaled her pussy with his warm tongue making her gasp and moan in pleasure, her juices leaked from her tight hole covering his lips and cheeks as she wrapped her legs around his head. He licked and suckled on her pussy hungrily making her pussy drip more and more and he drank her hungrily.

He pulled his tongue from inside of her and began to lick her throbbing clit slowly making her hips buck up as she tried to hold in her climax, Cariel looked up at her as he slid a hand up and fingered her roughly while sucking on her clit and she moaned his name softly then he slid his fingers out and rubbed her clit gently.

Finally after a few tantalizing moments of his lips on her clit he licked her pussy slowly, and then allowed his tongue to slip inside of her soft folds then back out coating his tongue in her juices. His tongue seemed to trace every part of her, his spit mixing with her juices. He was teasing her he loved making her squirm; he also enjoyed that pleasured look on her face it encouraged him to lick her hungrily wanting to devour all of her warm cum as it leaked out of her.

The End

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