Use Your TongueMature

“Feeding time,” Cariel said softly as his mind wandered into his desire for her body.  Gazing intently at the wet spot on the bed, he moved his mouth towards it. The smell of her moist body excited him more. His fingers shifted from her breast to her hard nipples he placed them in between his fingers. She moaned softly and clenched her legs together for a moment before relaxing, and her legs spread wide as she unconsciously opened herself up to him. His lips lustfully attacked her legs, leaving a trail of bite marks. There were noises between every bite as if he was trying to eat her. She squirmed a little as he bit her, and she stifled a moan as her eyes opened slowly. She blushed a bit then plucked his cheek lightly.

"If you’re gonna use your mouth on me, make sure you use your tongue.” Ryn said softly and pulled his head between her legs, her scent assaulting his nose his heart almost skipped a beat. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her; her hips were like magnets beckoning him to her with an unrelenting force. He tried to focus on her voice, her soft sweet voice but it only worked to aide his desire for her.

“Please…” Ryn murmured, softly as she rubbed his cheek softly with her thumb. He smiled at her as he leaned down touching the tip of his tongue to her warm skin. She bucked her hips gently, he blushed then leaned down again. He licked her soft folds gently tasting her; he started to explore her, his warm tongue trailing up, down, and side to side making her back arch and her body dance.

The End

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