Wet DreamsMature

She lowered her hand slightly so that it gingerly rested on the side of his face and she smiled leaning over to kiss him softly. She leaned up as a happy sigh escaped his lips and his eyes opened slightly as she curled up beside him with one arm loosely wrapped around his bare chest. Her legs pressed against his legs the fabric of his boxers scratching her lightly. Cariel wrapped an arm around her and squeezed her against him tightly then he went back to sleep. She hoped he was having a good dream as she drifted off into dark embrace of sleep.

"Mmm... El don’t stop..." Ryn muttered, softly in her sleep as she tossed and turned she'd kicked off the covers already and her nightgown barely covered her dark skin. A soft moan escaped her lips as her hands slowly slid down tracing the curves of her body. Slender fingers reaching for her crotch she flushed as she dreamed about her fiancé. As she tossed and turned Cariel watched her hungrily as she whispered his name, he'd been watching her sleep for a few minutes now.

He knew she was having a wet dream about him and it was hot watching her touch herself in her sleep to thoughts of him, but he couldn't take it anymore he needed to touch her. Cariel leaned over her body his left hand reaching for her, his fingers hovering over her barely covered breast; he bit his lip then began to rub her breast gently. She moaned a little but didn't wake up as he rubbed her harder squeezing gently, she squirmed making her nightgown slide up past her thighs and he saw the wet spot on the bed.

The End

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