Roses or LiliesMature

This is a story of love,loss and well the trials associated with marriage. Whether it be a crazy mother or jealous ex. Stuff happens but so does romance in this. Follow along Ryn and Cariel as they go through the joys of being engaged with their wedding only a few months away will they make it?

Ryn slipped back into her bedroom; silently closing the door behind her. She held a glass of water and some aspirin she looked over at the alarm by the bed. She cursed silently under her breath, it was a little after midnight and she still couldn't sleep. She stepped into the room and quickly downed her glass and the pill barely gagging this time as it slid down her throat. She grimaced placing the glass on her dresser then smiled softly at the large man in her bed. She walked over to her side of the bed carefully, doing her best to avoid the tiny dog that slept there. She didn’t want to wake either of her favorite guys up again. She smiled as she felt the small silver band on her left ring finger, she crawled into bed beside the man. She could hear his soft breathing in the mostly quiet room the only sound coming from the fan overhead.

She shivered slightly as cold air blew onto her, she sighed thinking over the arguments it had taken for her to allow that thing into their bedroom. She hated that fan but it was a small concession for the man she loved. Cariel was always hot where as she was always cold it made living together quite interesting during the summer and winter months, but it was worth it, a few chills didn’t matter when you were with the person you loved. Ryn lifted her hand towards Cariel’s face, her fingertips barely touching his cheek.

The End

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