The Wedding Planner

Not being human is hard enough
But not even knowing what you are is harder
But not knowing what you are because your the only one in your family with powers is the hardest
Meet Julianna a 24 year old wedding planner that has been hiding what she is from everyone since she was 14 years old.
What happens when she meets someone that can tell her the truth? Will she let him or stay away not knowing?

     The Wedding Planner

"Mommy!" My son Nathaniel or better known as Nate yelled.

"Yes sweetheart?" I asked in a calm voice, I know most people would say i'm a bad mom for not freaking out as soon as he screamed for me but honestly that's just Nate he's most likely building something with his legos and wants to show me. I mean he's only 3 I doubt he knows the difference between a indoor voice and a outdoor voice.

"Look what I did Mommy!" Nate's voice yelled again. I get my stuff for work and walked out of the kitchen and into the living room as I went to see what he built most likely a house or a car. As soon as I entered the  living room I saw what he built.

"Isn't this fort amazing mommy?" I smiled my son was completely and utterly adorable, with my dark brown hair and greenish-grey eyes he looks so much like me. I don't think he got a single thing from his father.

"Yeah sweetheart it looks amazing" Saying the truth the fort did look amazing for something a 3 year old would do. The doorbell rings, ah must be the babysitter or otherwise known as my little brother Julian. 

"Nate Uncle Julian is here" I said in a enthusiastic voice. Nate loved Julian sometimes I think more than me. 

"Yay!" Nate screamed. I chuckled standing up and going to open the door, while Nate trailed behind me eager to see his favorite uncle, honestly those two have had a connection since Nate was born. The moment that I gave Nate to Julian to hold he stopped crying, yeah weird I know.   

"Hey Julian thanks for babysitting Nate on such short notice". I said honestly as I opened the door to see my brother. We both looked a lot alike we get mistaken for twins a lot but i'm older by 2 years the only thing different about us is our eyes, Julian had blue eyes and I had greenish-grey as I opened the door I gave him a hug.

"No problem sis I was just going to do a little paperwork from work that I have to finish" Julian says in a happy voice he loved Nate very much. He also loved his work very much being a great lawyer really pays off I remember when mom was pushing me to be one too but honestly I wanted to be a wedding planner. It's nice to see that happy look on peoples faces.

"Paperwork  again you work addict?" I teased truth be told i'm happy he's doing what he loves he deserves it in high school he was the biggest nerd. He used to get teased in high school. I always stood up for him if I saw it, sometimes it was hard with me being 2 years older because we would always be on different  sides of the buildings. We were in the same group though I didn't get teased that much not to sound cocky but what could they have possibly have teased me about.

"Sis? Sis? Hello is anyone in there?" I broke out of whatever memory I was in as Julian was waving his hand in my face like a some madman. 

"Yeah sorry just think about high school." I stated High school was to entertaining I mean who need reality T.V. when you went to my high school.

"Oh yeah... Honestly high school was pretty entertaining" Julian said in a amused voice taking the words right out of my mouth it's weird how alike we think sometimes. He may have been teased though he never took anything those snobs said to heart. Honestly every time I heard someone say an insult to him I had to fight the urge to keep myself from slamming my fist in there face... sometimes I would. Honestly they should have just learned to shut up not my fault.

"Nate mommy has to go to work i'll see you later I love you." I said in a soft voice I did love Nate he was my world. I hated leaving him but I had to go to work.

"I love you too mommy" he says giving me a hug. Sometimes he is just to cute for his own good.

"Bye" I said with a happy voice this little guy can always tell when i'm upset and tries to make me feel better. I turn around to see Julian staring at me like I was some alien.

"What?" I asked confused he acts like I've never said 'I love you' before. I know i'm the tough one out of both of us but come on.

"Sorry when you were talking to Nate you actually looked human for a change" Julian snaps out of whatever gaze he's in. I chucked trying to hide how nervous I got I don't know if it was working though. 

"Well I gotta go bye I love you" I said trying to make a run for it without making it noticeable. It would look weird one moment trying to stay as long as I can the next trying to run out.

"Bye sis I love you too" Julian gives me another hug as he turns towards Nate as they walk into the living room. I walk out locking the door on the way out, as I start my car I wonder if Julian was just joking about the human thing...

I mean he has to... right?

He can't really know...

Because the truth is i'm far from human...                                                   

The End

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