The WeddingMature

A love story.


The wedding

Hanna relaxed on the comfortable sofa in the brides' salon and closed her eyes dreaming about the long-awaited evening. This was the happiest day in her life. Twenty-nine years of loneliness she has been waiting for this dreamlike day, the day in which she is going to covenant forever with Golan, the man of her choice. Everything began five months ago in a sunny day when Hanna's friend, Shir called her and told passionately: "Hanna! I found your love! You must meet him, please try…"

A week after, Hanna realized that Shir was completely right: Golan was handsome, well-built guy, with a huge smile that lit the entire coffee shop, where they met at the first time. So gentleman, polite, clever he was, and Hanna just was captured in his magic. Golan fell in love with her and was the happiest man in the world who found his loss. Three months later, when the sun lit the world in a light that only people in love can see, Golan bowed down on his knees and asked Hanna to marry with him "My beautiful girl, you are the woman of my life, would you agree to be my wife?" with tears in her deep blue eyes, Hanna whispered "ye, I would, my darling…" then they started to plan their wedding. They chose a photographer, a disk jockey, a functions hall, a beautiful dress, and a suit. Also they bought a big house because they decided that they would have at least eight children. Life seemed so promising and happy to Hanna and Golan, they counted the hours till the happiest day, and finally they got that day.

A sharp phone ring woke Hanna up from her dreams; it was her doctor calling her at the day of her wedding, and she could not figure out why he is calling. "Mis. Ram? I'ts doctor Mor, I hope that I'm not disturbing you now…amm, see, I would like to talk to you about your medical examinations that I've just gotten. Please come to the clinic as soon as possible". Hanna's hands shivered and couldn't say anything. "Mis. Ram?"

"yes doctor. Sorry just thought about something. What, what did you say? To come today?"

"Yes". Doctor Mor said firmly.

"well, but I'm marrying today. May I come next week?" asked Hanna.

"Are you marrying today?? So you should find time and come the clinic immediately". The doctor said decisively.

Since and Hanna was so busy with the preparations for her wedding, she completely forgot the genetic examinations that made two weeks ago. She didn't worry at all about these examinations, but now she could understand in the doctor's voice that something is wrong.

She stuttered a silent apology to the cosmetician and ran out rapidly.

When she arrived at the doctor's room with hasty heart rates, she felt the tension in the air, her hands were wet by sweat, and her face was white like her dress for the wedding.

"Well, the results of your genetic examinations arrived today." The doctor said.

"And"? Hanna's body shivered and she felt that she is in a bad dream. But it wasn't a dream.

"Listen, I'm really sorry to tell you that you have a genetic sickness called "anemia". It's not the anemia that you know. It's a sickness that will cause you in 98 percent to have only babies with mental retardation in the better case. In worst cases your babies will die before the age of three. Now you must tell your partner this fact and you have to decide if you're going to marry although the risk. "

How a pink became black? How a beautiful dream became the worst dream a woman could think of?

Hanna saw only black. The room was black; the doctor was black as the same as her life became a big darkness.

She got out the clinic, running without breathing, crying aloud like a wounded animal. She ran and ran until she got the forest, fell down, horned her head in the ground, and yelled the strongest shout that the world has ever heard.

The End

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