The Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt

April and Sadie did not like the hustle and bustle of the city.  They were small enough to be out of danger as they were out of reach from everyone. They followed their keen scence of smell and used their fairy dust to help find the destination of the egg. Eventually they found that the egg was in the boys house. April searched one street as Sadie searched another untill they could smell the egg getting nearer.

April would then smell one house as Sadie smelt another and then April called Sadie over.
"Sadie, Sadie, smell this! I can smell the egg and the map is sparkling! We are near the egg. It is in this house, Im sure of it!" 
Sadie and April flew in an open window of the house. The room was hot and stuffy unlike the fresh and airy willow. The nature faries smelt their way about untill a fimiliar face entered the room. It was Jack.
"Hey you guys! You are the fairy's from the willow tree I was climbing earlier! Why are you in my Grandmas' house?" Asked the boy with a puzzeled but flushed face.

Sadie looked at April and they both had the same question running through their head.
"How can he even see us in the first place?"

The End

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