The Robins' Egg

The Robins' Egg


The new guard faries were conjoined by their hands around the Willow. The held hands and skipped happily around the tree, sprinkling fairy dust to warn off the evil pixies. A robin sung from the top of the tree, making the guard faries turn to look in it's direction. A young boy was half way up the willow so the gard faries flew up to talk to him as they had never seen him before.
"Howdi, what's your name? Why, may I ask, are you in our kindom?" Asked Bluebell, one of the guard faries.
"I'm Jack and I am staying at my grandmas' house. I don't have anything to do as I don't have many friends around here." He said, balancing on a branch.

The faries nodded in approval and flew back down to their posts. They started skipping around the willow tree again singing songs and sprinkling fairy dust around the tree. The faries heard the robin chirp from the head of the tree but they knew fine that it was not a happy sound but a scared and angry one. Bluebell got her friends April and Sadie the nature faries and they flew up to the robin to see what the noise was. The little boy, Jack, had taken one of the robins' eggs and the robin was certaily not happy about it.
"Bluebell, that boy took one of my babies and he ran for it. I need it back before it hatches! If it isn't with me when it hatches it will not be used to me and will not come near me when it sees me again!!" Chirped the robin, in a song that only faires can understand.
"Ok. Well I will go back to my posts as I cannot help you. You need nature faries' dust to help, mines is hopeless. April and Sadie are from the nature brach so they will get to work right away!" Said Bluebell, then flew back down to the roots of the Willow.

April and Sadie flew off, each with a bag full of nature dust. They flapped their beautifull, silver and sparkly wings and pointed their toes. They past the washing faries and blew them a dainty kiss as they flew past. April flew round the left of the tree and had to be super quiet as she passed the sleeping faries and Sadie flew round the right of the tree and also had to be quiet as she was passing the wishing faries.

The girls had to sprinkle their fairy dust a lot and make a few stops to ask fellow pixies, imps and dwarfs if they had seen anything. They flew and flew until they were out of the forest and into the city....




The End

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