The Weaping Willow

This makes you think!

The Weaping Willow


The willow tree. To you and me a big tree that tends to look nice. But to them, a home, a nest, their life.

The washing faries were, once again, down at the lake, washing their fellow faries dresses and wings. The wishing faries were upon the top branches, the sun on their sweet, rosy faces and the wind in their hair. Wishing and praying good luck and happy lifes to all faries in the willow tree. The nature faires were just scattered about the tree, waiting for the robins, blue finch and sparrows. They would keep their feathers looking nice and the faires would also help them with any problembs.  And last but not least the sleeping faires who sleep all day and all night for ALL faires. You see, the working faries do not have time to sleep so the dear sleeping faries sleep all the time to make up for everyone!

The End

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